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I took the ferry over to Cumbrae from Largs this morning around 10am, then took the bus into Millport, the island’s main town, as recommended by my big cousin Jim . With only a few distant dog walkers about , I stripped off and ran into the sea... great move! Ffffffff Flippin eck !! How cold was the Fffff Firth of Clyde this morning !? After about 30 seconds of wading out I couldn’t feel below my knees. Sod it .. I decided to dive in. Oh dear. My peculiars shot behind my belly button and my brain was screaming for help. Some folk do this every morning ….in December !!!

Thankfully it was a hot day and my cuticles returned to normal pretty quickly . I roamed around the town a bit and met the croc rock - the local celebrity ( see photos ) .

Around 1pm I wandered back onto the beach again. It was now full of families with thousands of little cherubs building sandcastles , collecting shells and living in a totally carefree, innocent magical world. I set out my jumpers and called folk to play . First up was Colin. A brilliant bloke from Erskine, a town near Glasgow airport . He came over with his son James and Juan Cruz, his nephew. Juan’s mum is Argentinian and Dad Scottish. Next to join in with their parents permission were identical twins Amber and Jade, plus brother Lewis and friend Rachel.

Lewis, James and Rachel joined my side . For the opposition, Juan Cruz was displaying that he definitely had South American feet ! What a player ! Great balance for such a young chap and clever finisher too. At one point he scored one like Owen’s against Argentina in the World Cup .surging to the right then unleashing a cracker across my flailing carcas.

James and Lewis didn’t stop running for us - , both incredibly enthusiastic and competitive . The twins and Rachel stuck to the middle of the pitch and were unaware just how many chances they set up with the odd flick here and there . They were just having fun and weren't phased at all by the boys scarpering all around them.

Colin and I were fly netters for our teams. At one point he nutmegged me to score and a few seconds later belted one in my peculiars ! This was getting personal ! :-)

We got to half time leading 5-4 then changed ends . First to 10. Concentration levels were high.. Goals started to be disputed and tackles stronger . The game had its edge which remained 'til the scores reached 9-9. What a game ! We’d been at it 40 minutes by now and big Colin and I were wilting in the baking sun . Next goals the winner ! Two tiny wee lassies pulling sand buckets made their way across my goal line as Colin shot. As I moved left to protect them the ball flew in to my right . Goal disqualified . Then I punted the ball forward to James who missed it and it went straight in past Colin. Jammy way to win but we'll take it. I think I’m right in saying Lewis scored 9 of our goals and the brilliant Juan Cruz about 7 of theirs. Brilliant pop up game in a beautiful place with the super cherubs ! Onwards ! One love X


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