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Game 67: Reykyavik, Iceland

6th November, 2021

FREEZING! The coldest game I've played in since Bacup Rec 1979.! It was 1pm when I set off into town with Magdalena Golon - a painter, sculptor, writer and film maker who is living and working at my guest house. Magdalena likes to meet guests with unusual stories and make short films about them. Today she picked on me. The streets were quiet and the odds of a game slim as we arrived at a square at the far end of town. It was sleeting and treacherous underfoot. Down went the jumpers but there was hardly anyone around to badger. The odd shivering couple walked past with scarves covering their faces. Things were looking bleak until Justas from Lithuania rocked up, swiftly followed by Markos (Greece) and his partner Blanka (Romania) and four great friends from Poland, Adrian, Rafal, Michal and Artur. Game on ! Poland v The Rest of the World. Robin Cousin's would have struggled on this surface. We all had a go at landing on our arses as we slid about, tearing into a lively and competitive game just to keep warm. Adrian was knocking them in for fun for Poland, scoring 8 in the end with his rocket of a right foot. They'd taken a 9-3 lead when the fight back began, led by the Frank Ribery-esque Markos. The Greek was skillful, elusive and deadly from 6 yards. 9-4, 9-5, 9-6, 9-7...we could sense an upset. The big Poles looked knackered, but then a deflected shot was tapped in at the far jumper to seal it for them. What a mighty effort from the boys in sub-zero temperatures. The watching Blanka had frozen stiff and Magdalena had been amazed at what she had witnessed "something strange and mysterious...a new social situation full of energy and fun...created out of an art performance". That will do me. Feel right posh now Loved this game once again for the comradery, banter and instant connection it brought. Also loved the fact that these maniacs ignored the weather and skated around risking broken bones just to keep the game going One love. Unity is Strength


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