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Game 65: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

We have the Isle of Man and Mexico has the Isle of Women (Isla Mujeres). Me and Gilma sailed across to this little gem in the Caribbean Sea in the early afternoon. I’d come to Mexico for a complete break and not to play footy, but it was Gilma who motivated me to have a kick about this evening .

We’d been bizarrely trundling along the bumpy island roads in a golf cart all afternoon ( the preferred mode of tourist transport here) and had the bruised bums to prove it . We finally wound up on the beach, Playa Norte . We spotted folk playing nearby with a giant beach ball and Gilma helped me translate to rope them in to a game. Eber and Isabel, Alma and Flavio and their families from Mexico City joined us for a game. Women v Men and fittingly, on Women Island, the women came out easy winners , 4-1. Paulina, Martha and the gang were much too young and energetic for us even though Juan, the Zorro ‘tashed orange flash, did everything he could to keep us in the game. The beach staff swapped the jumpers for orange cones as the light faded but we needed more help than that against our hungry opponents . Really lovely folk , a brilliant laugh and an instant connection made through that magical round object.

There’s much more to this story to be included in the book, but it did represent a little turning point after a very difficult time. Thanks Gilma mi amor❤️ ⚽️Onwards !

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