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Game 64: A bandstand in Zurich, Switzerland

You can tell a lot from a bandstand in an urban area . This one had no graffiti , no pee stains and no litter . It hadn’t been abused in any way, save for the elements, despite being accessible to the public at all times .

This is Zurich. Safe, well ordered , very low crime rate and a very low rate of worry about crimes being committed according to the latest stats. This was bore out by the lads who I played a game with in the “Bürkliplatz Musik Pavillon” or bandstand today.

College lads Alec and Sergio from Rüschilkon and Shervin from Kilchberg , acknowledged that things were very expensive in Zurich , but that high taxes meant a good, respected police force , a feeling of safety and security, a good health service and a peaceful way of life. They told me that there is not a huge problem with young people taking substances. Since 2011, the sale of cannabis products containing up to one percent THC has been legal in Switzerland. Mainly taken by the young , the lads believed that misuse of cannabis was very low because it was accessible this way from local shops and culturally the Swiss youth in general do not like to live in an extreme way.

I spotted these three rascals having a sneaky fag in the bandstand today and asked them for a game . Sergio and I took on the others . A great , lively competitive game . I actually found some energy from somewhere and ran around like a teenage cheetah ( middle aged wart-hog) .

I scored a couple as did Sergio but little Alec was determined and with the help of the tall, rangy Shervin , they drew level at 4-4. Shervin blasted the winner through my legs soon after - cheeky git. Great little game in a pristine bandstand in downtown, picturesque Zurich . No place can be this perfect can it ? It certainly felt that way.

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