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Game 59: Klauzál tér, Budapest

This was Mickey’s last morning in Budapest so we headed up to the famous Széchenyi spa to soak our bones . What a place , thermal baths of varying temperatures and budgie smugglers of all nationalities . The blokes on the continent just don’t care , the tighter the trunks the better whatever their age or belly size..or willy size too ! There was not much left of the budgie after a dip in the freezing cold pool I can tell you.

We said our goodbyes at 12.30pm. It had been fantastic having Mick with me but now it was back to flying solo once more ..well, almost .....

We’d met a young couple from England the night before , Dan and Nicki, whom Mickey had destroyed with taquilla. I met up with them again after Mickey had left and we wondered through the city looking to have a game . Dan, a policeman, and Nicki, a teacher, live in Coventry .

After 15 minutes or so we came across Klauzál tér, a smallish square with grassy bits , a kids play area and a couple of basket ball courts. There were people dotted about on benches or lying on the grass. We set about chatting to folk and inviting them to play on one of the courts.I wasn’t hopeful of a game if I’m honest .

Nicki convinced Sophia, a student from Amsterdam to join us , and I prattled on to an inebriated Bodhisattwa (Bodi) and Avhirup ( car designers ) from India, and Lewis and Samira, students from Germany, until they agreed to join us .

A real United Nations game ensued on one of the basket ball courts. It was me, Dan, Samira and Sophia against the rest . After a cool spell , the sun had broken out and the temperature was soaring as both teams ripped into each other.

Nicki scored the first past me , obviously well offside , before Dan pulled one back for us . There was a real battle developing between Dan and Lewis who were both quick and all action . Sophia, trained in self-defence, was battling hard for us and shooting from anywhere .She too was having a running battle with Nicki. Samira stuck to the wing and spent most of the match trying to get past the rapidly sobering Bodi . Avirhup, a classical musician who could speak 4 languages , was a big presence in their goals and hard to beat.

It was 1-1 at half time and we changed ends for the second half . The match remained competitive . Dan ended up scoring 4 for us, Nicki and Lewis 2 (one a scorcher from distance which singed my left hairy ear) for the opposition . The winner came when a lucky ricochet fell to Sophia who belted if through the legs of Avirhup much to her joy amazement. Brilliant game with brilliant people out of nowhere .

We all went to the pub across the road together after for a couple of hours after , and everyone got on superbly . That round thing had worked it’s magic once again, connecting people from diverse nations and walks of life . Brill . 👍⚽️❤️

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