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Game 56: Kollárovo Námestie, Bratislava

What a night ! Will put it all in the book - ... quick version ..

Took a walk from hostel at 6pm determined to play footy with Slovakians . Found myself in front of an Italian and had a quick spaghetti bolognese. Walking back to my hostel resigned on having only one game today when I hear voices in a park- walk towards them and loads of twenty somethings are having a beer outside a bar.

I go and introduce myself around the tables - 6 players join me on the grassy area nearby for a game - including Chris Vevoda from Kremnica, Slovakia and two other local chaps , Jano Litavsky from Serbia , Peter Barrer from New Zealand and Tobias from Southern Germany . Leonie , partner of Tobias , filmed the whole thing .

Not 5 minutes into the game the ball deflected over the road and under a bus . The driver refused to let Tobias retrieve it . The bus set off and the ball was crushed and exploded ! Game over .

We all went back to the bar and everyone was shocked . There had been a shooting nearby a few weeks ago and people thought the exploding ball sound was another. Loads of folk offered me a drink in sympathy for my poor ball. I sat with the amazing Martin and Jany, both Slovakian for the next 4 hours learning all about their country . Brilliant night, unless you are the flattened ball, and a bizarre but great way to end my time in Slovakia 😁⚽️❤️

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