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GAME 51: Jacob’s Square, Brno, Czech Republic

I headed out of the city with the very mischievous tattooed man from Brazil , Klebinho, around 11am yesterday. We wondered on through Brno’s largest park, Lužánky, then on to Masarykova University but we hardly saw a sausage! In fact a sausage would have been an improvement. It was a sleepy day and everywhere was deserted.

We headed back into the city and found ourselves in Jakubské Square. On summer days like this , this is one of the liveliest spots in Brno , surrounded as it is by restaurants, cafés, and bars. The huge Gothic St James Church is there too. The place was buzzing, with many tourists sat on the steps next to the church having a beer.

The paved area at the centre of this square was perfect for footy. Plonking the jumpers down, we were the main attraction as all eyes were on us from the four sides on the packed square . It felt gladiatorial somehow. I think people were expecting fire-eating or sword swallowing, not two plonkers kicking a ball to each other.

We asked folk to join us and eventually we were graced by a tall guy named like a James Bond baddy - Doctor Ondrej Zizlavsky . A former student of his and now the evil doctors right hand woman Hana Fridrichova also joined us, as did the Doctors deadly hench-women, Gabriela Popezkova and Andrea Vitova (by day commercial shipping managers, by night the enforcers of the doctors belligerent plan for world domination )

What a great game. The doctor, Hana and I took on the rest. Andrea was crackers. She picked up the ball at one point and ran the length of the pitch, before chucking it in the net, whispering in my ear “ I used to play volleyball for Brno you know “

We took a deserved 2-0 lead through the determined Hana who was definitely out to please the doctor. If she were a cat she would have licked him repeatedly on the thumb (ignore that).

As yesterday , Klebhino turned on the South American skills again, bringing it back to 2-2, but his team couldn’t prevent us finishing the game 4-2. A great laugh in a brilliant space, in a fantastic gothic city. The doctor looked very pleased with his nights work as he casually pressed the button to start the countdown for the missile strike on America.

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