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Women’s football at its best ! This was undoubtedly the best technical display of footy I’ve seen on the whole trip so far ! Under the guidance of their passionate coach Emmanuel Amati, these young women live and breathe football. Women’s football in general is really starting to take off . Not only is it a healthy and fun thing to do, it’s a possible crucial passport into further education through scholarships for women who would otherwise be educationally restricted due to lack of money . It improves attendance at school and gives these young women a sense of freedom and equality that had been lacking in Ugandan society .

By ‘eck could they play ! They come in from the small villages to play so it’s great for their confidence too.The team had just finished a friendly and were made up of school and Uni players. I nabbed 8 of them for a kick-a-bout . I couldn’t believe my eyes ! So good I asked them to play 2 touch and they bossed it. Resty was the best player on the park ..she had the lot and aggression to go with it, Sarah was a box to box number 8, Lillian was a brilliant finisher in tight congested spaces, Judith’s workrate was mind blowing , Cucu could play everywhere and her passing was fantastic, Raphaelina was a neat and tidy committed midfielder, Joweria was a tough, no nonsense defender and Halima made brilliant runs constantly. Mesmerising stuff ! The game finished 5-4 to Resty’s side but then on they played . As Cucu said “ The love I have for the game is just too much “ There so much more to the story of this game but I’ll leave that for the book . More photos to follow once downloaded . A brilliant way to end a brilliant week ! Thankyou all again for your support from home. Means the world to me out here and keeps me going . Tanzania tomorrow 👍⚽️❤️

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