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2 in a day ! Unheard of ! In what seems typically friendly Ugandan fashion, a couple of the lads who I played a game with earlier today wanted to help me get another game going..turned out to be a cracker. I wondered around the red dusty roads of this district of Ebtebbe with Izrael Abaho , Bruno Kato and Mathew Atu, looking for a place to play . We wondered down onto a red dirt footy pitch and saw loads of kids and teenagers hanging around. Within minutes we had a 7 v 7 going. The opposition played in skins - Izrael joined them. Me and Bruno played for the others ( you don’t want to see me in skins 😄) .

The young rascals were just fantastic ! Pulling hilariously serious faces, they scrapped for every ball, bollocked each other for bad shots and never stopped running. Colline on the wing for the skins had a wand of a left foot. Despite having no shoes, he crunched into the tackles and took the Mickey out of anyone who dared try and tackle him. Little Sunday was brilliant ! The smallest player on the park with the biggest heart , slide tackling the big boys and totally fearless. He left the field at the end covered from head to toe in red dust.The skins took an early 3-0 lead before our centre half Travis ventured forward and poked home. 3-1. Game on . The giant Wilbur ( Ooer missus ) deserved his goal when it came for his all action display . 3-2 and all the momentum was with us. Unfortunately, everyone stared running out of steam ( in other words all the adults ) and we finished the game with a narrow defeat.

A brilliant, all action competitive game played with total dedication. The energy on that field today was pure electric and it was a real privilege to be part of it. 👍⚽️

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