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GAME 4: Hagley Park, Christchurch New Zealand


The power of the game to bring people together the world over never ceases to amaze me! Sunday March 13th at 2pm I met with Sine (who I stayed with, from Scotland), Merran (a football mad Kiwi) and James (a Brighton fan now living in NZ) in Hagley Park - a huge park just off Christchurch City Centre. We needed more players! Fabienne 'Fabi' Wagner, John Walcher (both from Germany) and Guus Bremmers (from The Netherlands) were having a bite to eat behind a nearby tree. I asked them if they fancied a game and within 10 minutes they'd packed away all their things and came to join us. Felix and Hannah (from Germany) were walking through the park minding their own business. 5 minutes later they were on the pitch ! By then Matt (A Kiwi with Dutch and English lineage) had joined us! The game was on! 4 v 4 in very hot conditions. It was the Germans and Dutch against everyone else-not surprising then that they ran out 5-1 winners!! Player of the match had to go to Fabi...brilliant performance! We all went for a bit of a social afterwards....a diverse group of people brought together by the love of the game. Fantastic! New Zealand has been incredible!! Now on to Thailand.......

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