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GAME 2: Christchurch, New Zealand


A small and dangerous game out of absolutely nowhere today! I was chatting to a couple of scaffolders yesterday working on one of the many post-earthquake sites in Christchurch. We agreed to meet today with the idea of sorting out a game with a few of the other construction lads. Although the lads showed up, their supervisor didn't so we couldn't progress any further. One of the lads Mark decided to do some keepy ups with my ball. His work mate Adam couldn't resist and joined in. The game was afoot ! All we needed were 2 other players for a 2 v 2 in this tiny space next to busy roads in the city centre. Simon, who was having a brew nearby was beckoned over and he agreed to play. Mandeep was at the lights ready to cross the road when the ball went flying over to him. We quickly hijacked him too and the game began. It was a tense affair, with the scaffolders emerging as 3-2 victors, despite going 2-0 down and them all risking life and limb retrieving the ball every two minutes from on-coming traffic!! Brilliant and enjoyable wee game with some top chaps! Thankyou all!

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