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GAME 1: Adelaide, Australia


Murray Park, Adelaide was the setting for the first game on my journey around the world in 80 games. My Yorkshire/Aussie brother Chris Wilson and I headed to his local park to see what we could see. When we got there some blokes were already having a game. We chatted with them and an hour later we were having a kick-a-bout. They were aged between 51 years and 76 years and from diverse backgrounds-Italians, Croatians, Greeks and Australians to name but a few. They were all extremely passionate about the game and had been playing in the park together for over 15 years. Although I had a captive audience to ask to play, I don't think this journey could have got off to a better start than with these die-hard footy players, still turning out purely for the love of the game into their more senior years. They all fought like tigers on the field 34 degree heat!! One of the players turned out to be Bobby Dorigo, Tony Dorigo's Dad !! Tony was an an ex-Chelsea and Leeds player (amongst others) and also played for England, and here was his Dad, in a random park in Adelaide! Brilliant! I'll leave the last word to Bobby Dorigo, aged 72 years, "Football is not a hobby, its a way of life".

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